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RN Group started manufactring of Sanitary Napkins in the year 2003. We constantly believe in innovating products, thus improving the lives of millions of women all around the world.

Our Sanitary Napkins provides All day long protection (6 to 8 hours) to females during their menstruation cycle. It ensures Superior leakage protection with 100% Absorption leaving the surface dry.

These Sanitary Napkins contains SAP (Super Absorbent Powder) that has the capacity to absorb several times its own weight. Once absorbed the liquid turns into gel not allowing wetness to return back on the surface.

We offers health care function i.e. the only napkin to guarantee Rash Free Days to females. Today, it is available in the following variants to meet the needs of different consumers.


• Regular


Belt- less napkin that provides superior protection at an affordable price!! It is far more absorbent due to SAP (Super Absorbent Powder) and is equipped with a plastic shield to prevent stains.

It gives great protection, at the most affordable per piece price in the industry.


• Slim/Maxi


Maxi/Slim is a thick sanitary napkin with wings, its core is made of Fluff + SAP (Super Absorbent Powder) that offers both superior absorption and extra protection all day long.

Most recommended napkin for heavy flow and overnight use

• Ultra


Our Ultra is one of the thinnest napkins available, thus providing the Indian woman the benefit of comfort, a sense of freedom and a feeling of not having their periods at all. Classic Ultra core consists of SAP (Super Absorbent Powder) which ensures 100% Absorption leaving the surface dry.

Recommended for regular to heavy flow